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What's New
What US Korean War veterans think of the Trump-Kim summit
CNBC talks to American veterans of the Korean War, whose intervention in the 1950s enabled South Korea to become a democratic and open country.
The dollar keeps rising against China's yuan. That's set to continue
China's yuan has been slipping against the dollar amid fears of a trade dispute.
The important lessons model Elle Macpherson learned while she established herself as a leading businesswoman
The Australian supermodel likens her time in the corporate world to that of a journey.
Why bitcoin made a comeback after the South Korean exchange hack
Crypto traders identify the reasons why bitcoin made a comeback after the South Korean exchange hack.
Canada PM Trudeau pressured to suspend US refugee agreement in face of 'unacceptable' policy
Canadian PM Trudeau said the U.S. practice of separating immigrant children from their parents was "unacceptable."
Cramer Remix: The battle between these stocks proves why tech triumphs
Jim Cramer breaks down the distinguishing factor between Intuit and H&R Block.
This is how much it costs to detain an immigrant in the US
Here’s how much it costs to detain someone in an immigration facility in the U.S.
National Enquirer publisher reportedly subpoenaed as part of Michael Cohen probe
The prosecutors reportedly want to know if American Media's payment violated the law, including campaign finance laws.
US sanctions mean no big oil company can risk doing business with Iran, Total CEO says
Total CEO Patrick Pouyanne says he can' risk losing access to U.S. financing and shareholding by doing business in Iran.
GoodRx, a service for finding bargains on prescription drugs, is in sale talks for up to $3 billion
GoodRx, which helps consumers with no health insurance or high-deductible plans find cheaper prescriptions, is talking to several potential buyers, including McKesson.
Williams-Sonoma CEO: Even Amazon sees the benefits of having physical stores
Jim Cramer sits down with Williams-Sonoma President and CEO Laura Alber to see how it's faring in the age of Amazon.
Cramer: It's hard to believe this is bottom for shares of General Electric
Jim Cramer explains why even General Electric's exit from the Dow Jones industrial average isn't the end of its pain.
Cramer: The market is saying there's no real loser in Disney and Comcast's battle for Fox assets
Jim Cramer says the spoils would go to the loser and winner of the bidding war over key Twenty-First Century Fox assets.
The 4 fastest-growing job skills of the next three to five years: LinkedIn
These will be the 4 fastest-growing job skills over the next three to five years, according to LinkedIn data analysis.
Saudi Arabia, Argentina to be part of MSCI emerging markets index
Index provider MSCI said on Wednesday it will reclassify Argentina as an emerging market and include Saudi Arabia.
US judge challenges federal government's claim California sought to stymie immigration enforcement
A federal judge challenges the U.S. government's claim that California sought to hinder immigration enforcement efforts.
After-hours buzz: BNED, HPQ & more
See which stocks are posting big moves after the bell.
How the GOP morphed from the party of Reagan to the party of Trump
Since Reagan's presidency, the demographic composition of Republicans and Democrats changed substantially.
How experts would fix the broken US immigration system
Experts say Trump should repeal Attorney General Jeff Sessions' zero tolerance policy for starters.
Buffett, Bezos and Dimon's health-care pick is known as a thought leader, not a business leader
Gawande soon will lead a joint venture between J.P. Morgan, Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway.
Alexa goes to college: Northeastern is giving students Amazon Echo Dots
Amazon just did a deal to get its Echos smart speakers in Marriott hotels. Now, Alexa is going to college! Northeastern University in Boston will be giving students the option of getting an Echo Dot linked to their university accounts, USA Today reports.
Mick Mulvaney says CFPB can’t be a 'gold-standard' agency while it’s still ‘Elizabeth Warren’s baby’
Until the financial watchdog can break out of Senator Warren's shadow, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau cannot be a top-tier regulator, says its acting director.
Instagram's new YouTube killer looks promising but doesn't have much in it yet
Instagram's new client, Instagram TV, is out for iPhone and Android. Here's what you can do with IGTV.
Disney-Comcast bidding war for Fox will go up to $45 a share before Disney wins: Media expert
The Disney-Comcast media bidding war will go up to around $45 a share before Disney wins, says media expert.
Raytheon CEO says allies will keep buying US defense systems despite trade disputes
CEO Thomas Kennedy says Raytheon products are largely isolated from trade disputes, even as stock drops.
US ambassador says Trump to meet Queen Elizabeth on UK visit
U.S. President Donald Trump will meet Queen Elizabeth during a visit to Britain next month
Meet Atul Gawande, CEO of the new Buffett-Bezos-Dimon health-care initiative
"The system is broken, and better is possible," he says.
Tesla's alleged rogue employee is exactly what Congress is worried about with self-driving cars
The idea that a malicious insider could successfully tamper with software used in a manufacturing facility is fodder for worst-case scenarios.
Marc Benioff and Jeff Weiner are among America's 10 most-liked CEOs of 2018
"The best CEOs are inspiring, trustworthy, innovative and can be great motivators," Glasdoor's CEO says.
Trump's trade fights have cost the stock market trillions and raised volatility
CNBC found a third of the market's biggest moves this year were substantially linked to news about trade.


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