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What's New
Regulator blasts Wells Fargo for deceptive auto insurance program
Wells Fargo is accused of forcing borrowers to buy unneeded auto insurance when they took out a car loan, N.Y. Times reports.
Bitcoin just surged above $6,000, a record
The cryptocurrency traded at $5,986.37 as of 11:27 a.m. and was 74 cents shy of reaching $6,000 according to CoinDesk.
Democratic megadonor Tom Steyer launches Trump impeachment campaign
Tom Steyer, the former hedge-fund manager, calls President Trump a "clear and present danger."
Trump must go to Korean DMZ to send this message to Kim Jong Un
President Trump should visit the Korean DMZ and deliver a message that will resonate for years to come, says Jake Novak.
Trump is living in a completely different world than the rest of us
To Trump supporters, it is the critics and reporters who are distorting reality, taking Trump's statements out of context, USA Today reports.
Who needs Wall Street? New robot-powered ETF beating the market so far
The AI Powered Equity ETF debuted this week. It's an actively managed fund that seeks to use AI to beat the market.
Facebook mobile and Instagram ad prices are booming, according to a Mizuho report
Facebook has had success limited the number of ads appearing on mobile, while brands are looking at Instagram for entertainment ads.
Cramer: GE's earnings are a 'disgrace' but bet on new CEO to turn things around
General Electric's quarterly earnings report is not a reflection of new CEO John Flannery, Jim Cramer says.
Why the Kurds’ independence bid might lead to civil war in Iraq
America’s allies are shooting at each other. It could get much worse, Vox reports.
How to make sure that inherited IRA doesn't cost you big time
Avoid making a mistake you can't undo by brushing up on these tips.
D-Day: GE CEO says decision on dividend to be made at November investor day
Concerns around GE's 4.07 percent dividend yield arose after the company reported disappointing quarterly earnings.
Trump erroneously suggests the UK linked an increase in crime to terrorism
Trump tied the U.K. crime report to his efforts to restrict travel from several predominantly Muslim countries.
Apple's recent weakness is just the 'pause that refreshes,' says one technical analyst
Apple shares have fallen more than 5 percent from its recent high, but one technician says investors shouldn't worry.
Trump and conservative media have their own, quite different version of the Russia scandal
President Trump is trying to argue that Democrats, the Clintons, and the FBI are the real villains, Vox reports.
This is the most bullish note on the stock market we've seen in a long time from a hedge fund manager
Third Point's Dan Loeb expects the S&P 500 to lead global markets higher.
36-year-old retiree: Saving money doesn't get you rich—this does
Steve Adcock and his wife now travel full-time.
Skechers shares soar more than 35% after big earnings beat on record sales
Skechers shares soared in premarket trading Friday after the company posted third-quarter earnings that blew past analysts' estimates on record sales.
Steve Bannon's move to purge the GOP may backfire
Former White House strategist Steve Bannon's attacks on GOP senators could endanger his own power, says The Hill's Brent Budowsky.
Chinese property boom is propping up President Xi Jinping's hopes for the economy
Real estate development helped put the economy in a good place, but the demand's sustainability is questionable, Financial Times reports.
US existing home sales unexpectedly rebound in September
Existing home sales rose 0.7 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.39 million units last month.
GE CEO John Flannery says current cash flow is 'horrible'
Flannery also tells CNBC that "everything in the company has been up for examination."
Nobody explained the consequences of Brexit to the British people: Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron spoke to CNBC at the European Union summit in Brussels.
Richard Branson's mom taught him this valuable lesson that's crucial to his success
If you're looking for parenting tips, this one created a billionaire.
3 Halloween hazards that can lead to scary vet bills
Letting your pet get into the Halloween candy could cost you an average $1,100 in vet bills.
How much characters on shows like 'Friends' would actually pay in rent
Joey, Phoebe and Ross are all in trouble.
Latest science says if you want a longer life, don't just eat less — eat less often
Research into fasting as a regular part of diet could help fight diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.
This is Amazon's new Echo, and it's surprisingly nice for the price
CNBC has the brand new Amazon Echo in house. Here's a quick look at it.
This $1,200 cocktail is made from $6,000 Scotch and infused with real smoke
It's made with super rare Scotch.
GE shareholder: Cut the burdensome dividend now while you have the 'political capital'
The new GE chief is never going to have more "political capital," says Harbor Advisory's Jack De Gan.
Oil market trends are setting the foundation for higher crude prices, Schlumberger says
Oil prices are poised to rise as a number of positive trends take shape in the market, Schlumberger CEO Paal Kibsgaard said.


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