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What's New
Spanish police searching for van driver in Barcelona attack
The driver abandoned the van and fled on Thursday after speeding along a section of Las Ramblas, leaving a trail of dead and injured among the crowds.
Lebanese army, Hezbollah declare offensives on Islamic State at Syrian border
Any joint operation between the Lebanese army, Hezbollah and the Syrian army could jeopardize U.S. military aid Lebanon receives.
After a wild week at the White House, weakened stock market hopes for no Fed bombshells
Stocks are technically weakened, and traders are hoping to get past the Fed's Jackson Hole symposium with no new bombshells.
Cramer Remix: Don't trust this market maneuver during a sell-off
Jim Cramer explains why investors should be wary of stock buybacks during market-wide pullbacks.
Cramer names the stock group you never want to see rally in a downturn
Jim Cramer says investors should be worried when these stocks start to rally. It could signal a slowdown or a recession.
Steve Bannon planning Breitbart News return after White House ouster
Steve Bannon plans on returning to Breitbart after leaving the White House.
Cramer points to stocks that become money magnets during a correction
Jim Cramer shares his tips about the best stocks to buy during a market-wide sell-off for a bargain.
It's not Steve Bannon's fault GOP made little progress on taxes, failed on health care: Analyst
Wall Street may be cheering the news of Steve Bannon's departure, but you really can't blame Bannon for the GOP's failures, James Pethokoukis said.
Cramer finds a new way to look at 'broken stocks' in the throes of a sell-off
Jim Cramer clarified the difference between a broken stock and a broken company.
Cramer: This is the worst mistake you can make in a sell-off
Jim Cramer guides investors on how to turn a market sell-off into opportunity.
Amazon shares are doing something unusual — here's what it means for the consumer
One equity strategist is watching the trend closely as it may signal trouble ahead for the health of the U.S. consumer.
Why Trump just lit a political fuse by banishing Steve Bannon from the White House
Steve Bannon could make more trouble for the "establishment" Republican agenda outside the White House.
17 clever ways brands are cashing in on the eclipse
While Americans await the first solar eclipse since 1991, brands are looking to cash in on the phenomenon.
US-North Korea secret talks 'useful tools' but unlikely to lead to major breakthrough
Back-channel talks between the U.S. and North Korea are "useful tools" but unlikely to lead to major strides.
Americans must demand Congress work with Trump: Former McDonald's CEO
"All of our citizens better wake up and get smart fast because this country is tearing itself apart," former McDonald's CEO Ed Rensi told CNBC.
Target debuts apparel line for kids with disabilities
Stemming from the success of Cat & Jack, Target is rolling out a sensory-friendly selection for kids with processing sensitivities.
Liberal writer who talked to Bannon: One problem with theory he resigned Aug. 7 ...
The American Prospect's Robert Kuttner isn't buying the contention that Steve Bannon submitted his resignation Aug. 7.
Carl Icahn drops out of presidential advisory role
Billionaire investor Carl Icahn stepped away from his role as special advisor to President Donald Trump on regulation.
Bannon's ouster may not change much economically, these strategists say
Investors have a "gnat-like attention span" in markets right now, says strategist Michael Farr.
Wal-Mart has an idea for a floating warehouse that could make deliveries via drones
Amazon was granted a similar patent for a floating warehouse of sorts last year.
Market likes seeing Bannon go, but he's not the only problem
The departure of Trump adviser Bannon lets the White House refocus, but it's up to Trump to win back confidence.
Breitbart editor declares "#WAR" after Steve Bannon leaves White House
Breitbart senior editor-at-large Joel Pollak tweeted "#WAR" Friday.
White House lawyer Cobb predicts quick end to Mueller probe
White House lawyer Ty Cobb said he believes the Russia probe will be wrapped up by Thanksgiving.
All the president's departed men and women: Here's who has left the Trump administration
Here's a list of some of the most high-profile exits of President Donald Trump's White House.
Mystery third bidder said to challenge Buffett, Singer over Texas power company
Warren Buffett and Paul Singer are competing to buy Energy Future Holdings' Oncor.
'Bitcoin cash' surges 40% in single day as investors bet on its faster processing speeds
The bitcoin offshoot, bitcoin cash, soared Friday after indications it could achieve its goal of speeding up transactions.
The No. 1 quality Discovery's CEO looks for in an excellent employee
"I don't want to talk to somebody that's gonna call somebody to get the answer."
If you have student loan debt, you might also need life insurance
In the unlikely event you die before student loans are paid off, the debt may live on. Your co-signer may be on hook.
With Bannon gone, one issue could get Trump back on message: Former Bush aide
Focus on a single policy could get reluctant Republicans back on Trump's side, Sara Fagen says.
Hedge funds hate these 10 stocks, Goldman says
Goldman Sachs shares its list of top 10 stocks hedge funds are betting against the most.


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